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Approsoft has a complete range of online marketing tools to continually enhance your online presence. We not only assist you in creating and maintaining online campaigns. What if there was a way to showcase your website on a platform that has instant credibility and millions of users? Is this something your business can benefit from?

Today’s consumer puts a lot of trust in search engines to find what they need. Google receives 34,000 searches per second. Those searches involves finding products, reviewing brands, and looking up business locations. Being on first page of search result is a guarantee of earning consumers trust.

At Approsoft, We use expert techniques which is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to build trust with consumers.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is based on collective techniques of adjusting a website’s code, Structure & content to make is visible on a search engine result against particular keywords. The main goal in any marketing techniques is to return your time & investment, and SEO enables all the way to generate very attractive returns on your investment by bringing consumers to your website through various search engines.

Key Benefits of SEO:

SEO is one of the most popular, Effective and important marketing strategies. Where SEO come into play is by ranking you higher on all the various search engines. Here are a few benefits of SEO:

  • Brand Building
  • More traffic to your website
  • Sale your products more effectively, Etc.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is about user experience, not about keyword saturation. Our highly professional SEO team help you to choose the right keywords to the site visitors by understanding which words will effectively work, win consumers trust, and generate attractive return on your investment rather than just bring more visitors.


As a site visitors peoples see web page by text & images, But search engine see pages completely different way. Something technical & hard to understand by un-professional human being. Approsoft SEO Audit procedures are based on sophisticated technology to analyze, Identify problems and structure content to make it more SEO friendly to support search engines to view your site.

One-Page Optimization:

Our dedicated SEO expert will test your site’s performance to show how your web looks to Search Engines bots such as, Google, Bing, Yahoo. Which may appear perfect for a local computer user could be confusing to web crawlers.

Page-by-page optimization:

Our SEO expert analyze the whole content & structure impact on search engines. Each is assigned a targeted keyword and desired call to action. We then optimize each page for an audience and a theme, aligned with a keyword.

Competitive SEO Analysis:

Organic SEO is a backbone of your online presence. If you’re not doing strong analysis and required changes to move up in search ranking, than you are losing your space for someone else who is engaging in these steps. Our competitive SEO analysis helps you to understand and point out your competitors whom are outranking yourself. And more importantly, why:

  • Keyword Research: Point out the organic keywords that your competitors are targeting.
  • Backlink Analysis: Point out all the critical backlinks which are supporting to your competitors from the global community.
  • PPC (Pay per Click): Which PPC keywords are buying and what they are spending on per click?

Off-page SEO Analysis:

While Off-page SEO Analysis is a great opportunity to find out all the weak parts in your competitor’s, but the risk is it can allow the bad guys to do same with your site. Our SEO experts analyze your off-page SEO to uncover any off-page factors that can create a huge problem in your ranking. Then we teach you how to use high-quality, engaging content & keywords that will help you to overcome your competitors, Including:

  • Advance & relevant link building
  • Social Media
  • Server-side redirects
  • Online PR/Reputation Management

Reporting and Ranking Analysis:

Just the small adjustments in your web can move needle drastically in your search ranking from one day to another. Experimentation helps, but that approach is reactive. If you want to get prominent, you must have strong and effective strategy to attack. Our SEO Experts consultants provide monthly organic performance reports, ranking, Which empower you to drive proactive content ideation, content creation and keyword strategy:

  • Monthly Keyword performance report in all major Search Engines
  • History report for movement in keyword ranking
  • Competitive keywords ranking for top competitors

SEM Marketing:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) encompasses all paid search activities including Google Adwords strategy, purchases, and management. These paid for (sponsored results generally appear next to organic result. Approsoft will help you through every phase of a SEMcampaign, from establishing a budget to measuring the results.

SEM Services Include:
  • Establish Budget, Conversion goals, PPC Goals
  • Establish unique selling proposition (UPS) or value selling proposition (VSP)
  • Create the campaign strategy definition
  • Google AdWords Account setup
  • Research & select keywords / key Phrases
  • Creation of campaign structure
  • Writing ad copy with call to action
  • Landing page development or evaluation
  • Analytics and reporting setup
  • Measure of Performance(MOP)
  • Measure of Effectiveness (MOE)

SMM Marketing:

Now a day’s Social media is a great platform for facilitating conversation and increasing brand awareness, Marketing your brand online. But, Question is where from do you start and how to keep it all together? Don’t worry at all Approsoft is here to provide best SMM (Social Media Marketing) strategies that range from blogging and bookmarking to Facebook ads, Twitter Sponsoring campaigns. It’s all depending on what works better with your internet marketing goals